Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is busy?

- interview with Secret Recipe
- meeting at Shang
- finalize questionnaire (currently here at Ly's)
- online conference at 11pm
- I think I have to read Business Law too. (Oops :|)

- print and photocopy questionnaires
- go to different schools to interview students
- attend classes! I don't want to cut classes anymore :((
- watch Tamala with HF <3
- research and outline report
- and whatever else I'm forgetting I'm supposed to do

The day after tomorrow:
- breakfast with my best friend to celebrate her birthday
- go to UAP to interview students
- might interview at a hotel
- might go to UST or other schools with groupmates to interview students
- again, whatever else I'm forgetting right now

:-< I know there's still so much more I have to do that I haven't listed here. Like, MJMA stuff and other stuff. Wah. I need balance :((

I really wish we'll at least place at the competition cos we're sacrificing so much. And I know, it's affecting other people too. I'm so sorry :((

Dear Lord, help us please..

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